On March 19th, 2020 the governor of California issued the Stay at Home order that is only now being lifted almost 90 days later. As vast swaths of humanity all over the world boarded themselves up in their homes, one side-effect was that the Internet exploded.

COVID-19 has changed how the Internet is both used and percieved. The Internet has become a new corporate lifeline as businesses have scrambled to stay functional while many, if not most, of their employees have stayed at home. Schools have pivoted to online teaching forcing kids to consume their class materials through the Internet. With movie theaters and other public entertainment facilities shuttered, people are consuming their entertainment through streaming services like Netflix. It's a wonder that the Internet has held together while humanity has piled more weight than ever upon it.

The graphs showing this explosion in Internet usage are readily found but I was curious to see how all of this Internet usage has affected my website.

Here's proof that likely any and all Internet resources have experienced an uptick in attention:

Google Analytics Graph of traviscolbert.net
[Fig.1 - Google Analytics graph of users on traviscolbert.net since March 1st, 2020.]

My site is just another tiny point among the vast universe of galaxies, super-clusters and black holes of the Internet. And before COVID-19 (B.C.) it would have remained among the faintest of points. But A.C. - after COVID-19 - things have changed, even for traviscolbert.net. It could be said that COVID-19 has astronomically increased the ambient energy on the Internet.

Is this increase in traffic to my site a result of COVID-19 turning the Internet to 11 or is there more to the story?

I'm not sure yet. It has been interesting analyzing the traffic that has been hitting my site. Thanks to Google I can see that very specific pages on my blog are getting direct attention while other pages have received little-to-no clicks. In fact, one single page: Windows Terminal: Generating GUIDs For Your Profiles has been the center of nearly all of the attention:

Google Analytics Top Pageviews
[Fig.1 - Top 10 pages viewed]

These paltry pageviews! I'm not so embarrassed by them. Part of the experiment of traviscolbert.net is to understand how organic growth happens by simply managing SEO. These kinds of experiments have to start somewhere and somewhere is usually zero.

If the extra hits on my website were simply because of random, extra ambient energy in the Internet then wouldn't more of my blog posts have some pageviews?

Since only one page is getting attention we must attribute the increase of activity on my website to COVID-19 plus specific interest. The interest is manifested in very specific searches. Google tells me that windows terminal guid and its permutations are driving pageviews. There are other forces at play here too:

Google Analytics Top Page Position
[Fig.1 - Page Position]

Average page position is in orange on this chart.

My site has steadily risen to #3 in Google's search results for the search term: windows terminal guid. So, SEO is kind of a self-feeding kind of thing - drawing energy from itself like a snowball.

In the end, it might be that COVID-19 has turned the Internet up to 11. But there must be some initial input to get the classic feedback loop going. It doesn't have to be much but it has to be something. In this case, it's some SEO that has worked in my favor.

So, the order of the day is to "Keep Writing".