After posting a list of a few of my favorite free, online website testing tools I almost immediately discovered something new about the Google tools on that list. Google Page Speed Insights and Measure are actually part of a suite of tools called Google Lighthouse.

The newly-discovered thing about Lighthouse is: you can run these tools locally in Chrome's DevTools (ctrl-i).

This essentially packs Google's cool website testing tools inside of your local Chrome browser which allows you to test, not only sites that are on-line, but sites that are in development that may be staged locally on your machine or on a local network!

The goal of Lighthouse is to test Progressive Web Apps in development. I have feelings on PWAs that I'll have to discuss later, but the tools works just fine for traditional web pages too.

Now, you might now be wondering:

How Do I Access All This Lighthouse Goodness?

Simply, open your Chrome DevTools by typing ctrl-i. Click the Audit tab. Then, click the Run Audit button.

You'll see your page refresh several times and, after a few seconds, you'll get a report… the same cool reports that PageSpeed and Measure provide!

Lighthouse also conveniently provides suggestions on how to correct the issues it finds.

So, consider adding Lighthouse to your toolbox of website testing tools.