Despite what you may hear about Israel on the news it is one of the most interesting and beautiful places you can visit. All throughout the country are idyllic spots where time seems to almost go backwards.

A couple years ago Nan and I took in the magnificent Sea of Galilee from the shores of the city of Tiberias. There you will find a little boat moored off the shore which appears to have become the permanent rest-stop for the area's seagulls.

On this day the sea (ok, its really a lake) was calm with its waves barely lapping the shore - a perfect setting for a photo.

The Little Boat
[Fig.1 - The Little Boat.]

There's hardly a location in and around the Sea of Galilee that doesn't cry out: "Take a picture of me!!" So, push past the 'scare news' on TV and the Internet and plan a trip to Israel!